Benjamin Bernard has always wanted to be the favorite son, but his brother Luke is loved more or so he perceives. He might perceive this because, Luke is a soccer player, and it's his father, Daniel's, favorite sport. To cope with his anger and resentment Benjamin became a mixed martial arts fighter.

The two grown brothers are on a date with their girlfriends, Ashley and Rebecca, when a tragic car accident takes place, resulting in a fatality and leaving Luke battling for his life.

The brothers now must fight not only for Luke's life, but for their relationship with each other, their friends, family, and God. One brother is healed physically and the other is transformed spiritually. In this family dynamic, they experience love, forgiveness, loss, healed relationships, and ultimately the realization that we are all God's favorite.



"Favoritism is an age-old problem that has touched most of us in some way. In The Favorite, the physical and relational brokenness tears at your heart, but the power of faith and family comes to the rescue. Triumph can come out of tragedy, and peace is possible in broken relationships. Our world is starving for a message of faith, hope and love, and The Favorite illustrates how that spiritual and emotional hunger can be overcome"

- Pat Williams

Senior Vice President  Orlando Magic and Author of "Extreme Winning"

"As pastors and counselors understand, the issue of sibling rivalry - often unacknowledged aloud, sometimes rising from mistaken perceptions - frequently lies shallow in troubled family dynamics. The dramatic narrative of The Favorite unveils such a conflict, against the backdrop of a catastrophic automobile accident and a subsequent miracle that changes lives and reunites a family. I am a leader of a Christian denomination, and I will recommend this book to our church families."

- Mark L. Williams

Presiding Bishop/General Overseer

Church of God International Offices

"Many, including myself, were deeply affected as we witnessed the Bernard family go through the journey of a difficult and heartrending time in the aftermath of the near tragic accident with their son, Luke. I know many who read the book, The Favorite, will be impacted with a renewed sense of faith, hope, love, healing and reconciliation"

- Dr. Doug Stringer

Founder Somebody Cares International

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