The Mission of Lightbearer Films

Lightbearer Films was established after the production of the movie, The Favorite.  The name came from the company president’s name, Luke Bernard, whose name means, “Bearer of Light”. The mission of this production company is to make inspirational films to share His light to the world.

Lightbearer Films' first movie was The Favorite.  Lightbearer Films believes the market needs The Favorite because of the lack of quality family-friendly films. There is a desperate need for stories and most companies rely on high production value to compensate for the lack of story. The Favorite is a story-driven inspirational film that focuses on favoritism in families. Counselors say that 70% of their work-load comes from sibling rivalries and favoritism.

The faith-based audience is starving for high quality films but there has not been a standard set and most successful films are sub par quality, at best. The Favorite was made to be a benchmark for faith-based films to set a standard value of faith-based films for story and quality. The faith-based market has not experienced a gripping, true story family film that syncs effortlessly together with MMA, a miracle, and favoritism.


Luke Benjamin Bernard was pursuing an acting career in L.A. when he was in a near-fatal, single-car accident. Inspired in a dream, he wrote a feature film script, The Favorite, about two brothers who depict his miraculous physical and spiritual recovery. This inspirational faith film will be a knockout punch: one brother is a MMA fighter and the other experiences a miraculous recovery.

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