All the world is a stage...

Before my accident, one of my passions was stage acting. My memory was exceptional; memorizing a seven-page monologue wasn’t much of a challenge. But now I look at the notes my family kept to blog my daily activities, the entry describing me coming home April 27th, the next one where I’m resting on April 28th, and I draw blanks.

As I continue to read through the pages, I can see when I started writing on my own. On one page, I’d written out memory verses: John 3:16, John 1:1, and Psalm 105:1. On the facing page, the prayer I wrote for the National Day of Prayer, 2013 leaps out.

courtesy of The Washington Post

Wow. Thinking back, I don’t remember Pastor Randy asking me to speak and pray, but I knew I wanted to thank those who had prayed for me. Looking back at what I wrote, it’s clear that I still had a lot of recovery ahead.

“Thanks to who out there prayed for me to get better because come home I safe and complete. It took some time but I am very take ful (sic) of your constant prayers because It changed me. I know a few might be discouraged to pray for people to get Jobs or anything but your prayers count and God hears what you say and listens to you. I know God heals and makes a reson (sic) with people are healed. I just hope I live like he wants me to live and make a little diference (sic) in this world and change some one. I thank God for his healing and encouragement to live in wow (sic). Thanks for all incouragment (sic) on me. Thank God amen”

Reading it now is like reading the thoughts and spelling of a young child. But back then, the real challenge was to deliver it. I remember practicing in my family’s back yard,trying so desperately to memorize this prayer, sweating profusely and worried I wouldn’t be able to do it. The footage from that speech is included in the movie, The Favorite. Even now, tears spring to my eyes. I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to remember as well as I used to, that I wouldn’t be“normal.”

My memory is still tacky, but I know God is not done with me.  

As I flip through the notes, one of those early memory verses catches my eye: “Give thanks to the LORD and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done.”

Sometimes,we have to adjust our definition of what constitutes “normal.”

And sometimes, we just have to wait on God as we demonstrate our faith through action, believing in His complete healing. But there is something very powerful we can do right now: pray for each other.

The Favorite, a family film based on these true events, is due to be released September, 2019, in theaters nationwide.